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Photo by Sarah Ibrahim

For The Revolting Lumpen! series, the lumpen monsters are physical manifestations of the uncontrolled growth of capital as well as a nod to the Lumpen Proletariat. The work explores the alienation of capital and the further atomization of the individual, and how the denying of class consciousness leads to explosive nihilism. The lumpen world embodies the cannibalistic nature of the global economic and social structure. Colorful, velvet lumps comprise everything in the installation, amassed from the physical exploitation of the lumpen monsters.

A game of musical chairs serves as a model of the zero-sum system of capital. The players have to fight their competitors to gain an advantage as they try to get a seat. When one monster gets a chair, another is left to be dismembered. The participants become fierce embodiments of the forced competition as they torture and maim each other for power. The grey ghost monster “fractures all traditional conceptions of reality,” returning from death to emerge as an “alternative both to linear history and to postmodernism’s permanent revival,” (Fisher). It haunts the ball monster, insisting on futures beyond postmodernism’s terminal timeline.

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