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Directors: Beck+Col

Creative Producer: Mel Sangyi Zhao

Director of Photography: Marco Yizhou Zhang

Production Sound: Siyuan Liu

AC: Siyan Qin

Sound Design: Chenqing Zhu

Re-recording mixer: Aidan Reynolds

Color: Jack Tashdjian


Beck as Ash

Adrienne Lauren as Elle

Kayla Aguila as Sid

Tetiana Sklyarova as Jess

Shelley Bloom as Sal

Collin as The Smile


Photo by Ryan Schude

Enter the colorful world of a queer chosen family of five monsters. These siblings are inseparable, always supporting each other and just trying to make it through each day. What was supposed to be a joyous reunion turns red when an evil being that was unleashed on Ash’s journey tags along. This being is fixated on isolating and killing each of the monsters one by one. Ash is determined to protect their family, fighting back against the relentless foe.


Red Night is a slasher film set in a suburban home, where a human killer stalks five colorful monsters. Each room of the house is a different monochromatic color, and as the monsters move through the space, they change color with each room. The film draws on the cinematic traditions of Dario Argento’s Giallo films, specifically Deep Red and Suspiria. The tone is classic 70s/80s horror through and through.


Red Night highlights the helplessness of individualism through the narrative of a slasher film. In typical slasher fashion, victims are pursued and killed when they are on their own, but when the characters are together they are able to counter the seemingly indestructible killer.


It is the power of community and coming together that is manifested in an exhibition within the film. Beck+Col invited ten artists’ to make works that adorn the walls of the monsters’ home. The invited artists all foster a sense of community within their own practices through education, collaboration and supporting other artists. Featuring work by Alicia Piller, Amia Yokoyama, Ching Ching Cheng, Hea-Mi Kim, Jenny Eom, Minga Opazo, Ofelia Marquez, Sapira Cheuk, Tanya Brodsky and Vanessa Holyoak.

Filmed over 7 days in a suburban home in Santa Clarita, California with a small crew of five and a cast of six.

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