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Directors: Beck+Col

Creative Producer: Mel Sangyi Zhao

Director of Photography: Marco Yizhou Zhang

Production Sound: Siyuan Liu

AC: Siyan Qin

Sound Design: Chenqing Zhu

Re-recording mixer: Aidan Reynolds

Color: Jack Tashdjian


Beck as Ash

Adrienne Lauren as Elle

Kayla Aguila as Sid

Tetiana Sklyarova as Jess

Shelley Bloom as Sal

Collin as The Smile


Photo by Ryan Schude

Enter the colorful world of a queer chosen family of five monsters. These siblings are inseparable, always supporting each other and just trying to make it through each day. When Sal goes on a quest of self discovery, the group tries to muster on without them, but feel like they are missing a piece of themselves. Sal’s return is supposed to be joyous, but an evil being that was unleashed on their journey tags along. This being is determined to isolate and kill each of the monsters one by one.

The film highlights the helplessness of individualism through the narrative of a slasher film. In typical slasher fashion, victims are pursued and killed when they are on their own, but when the characters are together they are able to fight back against a seemingly indestructible killer. 

It is the power of community and coming together that is manifested in an exhibition within the film. Ten artists were invited to make works that adorn the walls of the monochromatic rooms in the film. The invited artists all work in some way with either conceptual art or abstraction, while fostering a sense of community within their own practices through teaching, organizing and supporting other artists. These works will be exhibited at The Art Room June 8-July 28, 2023.

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