Los Angeles, CA


Beck                              Col

BA UCLA 2010               BA CSUN 2010

MFA CalArts 2019           MFA CSULA 2014


2020         The Revolting Lumpen! a classical opera, artist project presented by LACE at ALAC, Los Angeles, CA

2019         The Revolting Lumpen! a classical opera reboot, Human Resources LA, Los Angeles, CA

                 The Revolting Lumpen! a classical opera, D300 CalArts, Valencia, CA

2018         The Monstern! live, Human Resources LA, Los Angeles, CA

2017         The Monstern! live, D301 CalArts, Valencia, CA 

                 Monster Romp! Live, Human Resources LA, Los Angeles, CA 

2016         Rainbow Face!, Totally Rad Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2015         Monster Mash!, Project Space 2920, Inglewood, CA


2020         Horror Without End! parasitic symbiosis, part of Operational Statements booth, OPAF,
                      Los Angeles, CA
                 Monstern Saloon, Dramas de Otro Mundo, Colección AMALITA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2019         Future Ghosts, Human Resources LA, Los Angeles, CA

                 The Revolting Lumpen! a procession, COAST, Santa Monica, CA

                 Spectre of Lost Futures! an undead aria, Haunts, JOAN Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

                 Lumpy Song, Elliot Reed Brunch Construct: Shiftin Variable Options Welcome, 123 Astronaut

                 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

                 Lumpy Song, 18th St Arts Center, Santa Monica, CA

                 Monstern Saloon, Video in Site: The Action Film, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA

                 Lumpy Scream, Project Scream (link), curatorial sound project by Carmina Escobar, Fy and Tom Leeser

                 CalArts Booth Other Places Art Fair, San Pedro, CA    


2018        Passively Rotting Mass, Super Flexible, graduating MFA group show, CalArts, Valencia, CA

                Runaway Puppet!, Hallow's Eve Artists Maze, Bob Baker Marionette Theater, Los Angeles, CA

                Pink Lumphoma, Fundraiser for Swing Left, Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

                Rainbow Face! on Vacation, Desert Daze Music+Art Festival, Lake Perris, CA

                The Monstern, Screening, Human Resources LA, Los Angeles, CA

                Monstern Saloon, Videohouse 3, Human Resources, LA

                Monstern Saloon, Videohouse 3, Deslave, Tijuana, Mexico

                Monstern Saloon, Videohouse 3, Biquini WAX EPS, Mexico City, Mexico

                Nah Oblivion (video with Elliot Reed), Touch Me Cut Me Feel Me Volume II, Wild Embeddings, Brooklyn, NY

2017        Monstar Smash, Desert Daze Music+Art Festival, Joshua Tree, CA

                Frost Bite!, Ice House, Long Beach, CA

                Rainbow Face!, Coast Festival, Santa Monica, CA

                Monster Mass, Third Shift Festival, St. John, NB, Canada

                Monstar, Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden

                MonsterRock, Tote Your Float, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA

                Monster Romp Live!, In Real Life: Studio, Hammer Museum


2016        Monster Mass, In Real Life: Studio, Hammer Museum

                Rainbow Face Live!, Gong Show CLUB PRO Edition, Club Pro Los Angeles

                Rainbow Face Live!, Third Shift Festival, St. John, NB, Canada

                Monster Mass, Global Village 2016, Landshut, Germany

                Monster Mass, KunstSalon, Kasteel Daelenbroeck, Netherlands

                Rainbow Face, MANPOWER Festival, Lisbon, Portugal

                Rainbow Face Live!, REDCAT, Los Angeles

                Rainbow Face, Daughters of Onion.Land, Jan Brandt Gallery, Illinois

                Graph Line Sheet, Here's the Thing, Art Share LA, Los Angeles

2015        Monster March, Perform Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA

                Monster Smash, REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA


2020        Davyd Whaley Foundation Desert House Residency Grant, Joshua Tree, CA

                The Revolting Lumpen! a series, San Diego International Airport Performing Arts Residency, San Diego, CA

2017        Rainbow Face! on Vacation, Annenberg Community Beach House, Santa Monica, CA

Publications + Grants

2020        Foundation for Contemporary Art Emergency Grants COVID-19 Fund
                Relief Fund for L.A. County Visual Artists grant

2019        Haunts, CalArts MFA 2019 Graduate Catalog

                CalArts Interdisciplinary Grant

                The Monstern!, Emergency Index, Vol. 8

2018         Interview for Third Shift Catalogue

2017        Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant for Monster Romp

                Rainbow Face Live!, Emergency Index, Vol. 6



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